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Text for Page 130 [02-01-1861]

               The �Calhoun Guards�
McElrath finds some difficulty in carrying
on and that Lieutenant Bartlett (who challen-
ged Stedman about the Diamond Wedding busi-
ness) does the Army and Navy intelligence.
Also that Boweryem visited Billington last
Sunday, who read to him �a very poor poem
and a longer one about a girdled tree.�  Wrote
to Boweryem in reply.   Was summoned by
Carlyle and Bryan to go to the arsenal, now
occupied by the Calhoun Guard, riding part
of the way in an omnibus.     We met Captain
Jack Cunningham near the building.      Being
admitted to the inner portion we went up a
winding staircase to a room where was a table
with a demi-john of brandy, another of Bour-
bon whiskey and glasses upon it, arms and
accoutrements and two or three volunteers
of the �Calhoun Guard� on flock beds on the 
floor.      We got a hearty, not to say uproarous
welcome from them.       Others of the corps were
summoned, among them a huge, good-humor-
ed rather chuckle-headed fellow, very nearly
seven feet high, whom they chaffed and slap-
ped on the back and denominated, I know not
why a �baby-waker.�  I may observe inciden-
tally that Carolinians are generally above               
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