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Text for Page 132 [02-01-1861]

          A Judicial Premium for Murder.
We had met Speck at the bar below and
he was one of the listeners to the song.   At
the Charleston hotel, drinking and conversing
with a newly arrived troop of Minstrels.  Abed
by 11 �.      An intermittently rainy evening.
  2.  Saturday.   With W. Waud to the Con-
sulate, where we stayed for nearly an hour,
Bunch talking and telling stories both of his
South American and Carolinian experience.
Talking of Slavery, I cut out from a paper
lying on the table, the Wilmington Journal
in North Carolina for Jan. 31, this advertise-
ment which is worth a whole chapter or indeed
volume on the subject.   It offers a premium 
of $25 for murder:

[newspaper clipping]
	              NEW HANOVER COUNTY,
  WHEREAS, information hath this day been made to us,
James Garrason and F. H. Bell, two acting Justices
of the Peace, in and for said county, upon the oath of James
P. Moore, that Peter, a slave, of dark complexion, medium
size; five feet five or six inches high, rather good looking,
and aged about twenty years, the property of said James
P. Moore, has runaway and lies out, supposed to be lurking
about the county, in Long Creek.  Lower Black River and
Upper Black River districts, committing acts of felony and
other misdeeds: These, therefore, are to command the said
Peter, in the name of the State of North Carolina, to sur-
render himself forthwith to his said master, or some other
person; and we do hereby order this proclamation to be
published at the Court House door, and two other public
places in New Hanover county; and we warn said slave if
he does not immediately surrender himself as aforesaid, it
shall and may be lawful for any person to take him dead or
alive, without accusation or impeachment of any crime
whatsoever.  Given under our hands and seals, this 2d day
of August, A. D., 1860.
			JAS. GARRASON, J. P., (Seal.)
			F. H. BELL, J. P., (Seal.)
DOLLARS for the delivery of the said PETER to me
at my Plantation alive, or Fifty dollars for his head.
Aug. 9, 1860�50-tf		JAS. P. MOORE.               
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