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Text for Page 133 [02-02-1861]

             Project to go to Fort Sumter.
Down Broad Street, looking in at the Mer-
cury and Courier offices, then returning along
Easy Bay, after a visit to the Floating Bat-
tery.   The day was sunny, with a strong wind
blowing which covered, smothered and befoul-
ed  us with dust in a disgusting manner.     To
hotel, found Carlyle and Coste.      I went with
the former to King Street, then to Dodge�s, then
returned to a wash and dinner.        Indoors wri-
ting until 11.      A rainy night.          Got two copies
of the Illustrated London News transmitted
by and a note from Boweryem.
  3.  Sunday.   A wet morning.   Spear, a
heavy-bearded, friendly, good-humored and Jew-
ish looking watchmaker, a friend of Waud�s
and Babbage�s, whom I had confided my
(or rather Boweryem�s) watch to and who
lived at the hotel, broached a project of visit-
ing Major Anderson at Fort Sumter, obtaining
leave of the authorities for that purpose.    It was
known that I had two letters of introduction to
the Major (one from Mr William King, the
other Mrs Edwards) and a photographer, an
acquaintance of Spear�s wanted to secure Ander-
son�s portrait.         After breakfast, half an
hours cigar with one Ramsay, whom I should               
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