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Text for Page 134 [02-03-1861]

         Another New York Correspondent
have introduced before.     About two weeks
ago, Mixer, the landlord�s son told me that
a Mr Russell Ramsay �from England� had
arrived and was desirous of knowing me, adding
that he had put him into a room next to mine.
Whether his first name involuntarily suggested
a newspaper correspondent, being that of the
Times world-famous one, I don�t know, but
I ascended the stairs with some distrust
that this Englishman might have been dis-
patched hither from over the water and might
perhaps compromise my secret business.  An
interview with him set me at ease.      I found
a youngish, slim, rather spotty faced fellow,
not very well-dressed and with mediocre, mid-
dle class English characteristics and proclivities.
He said he was travelling for a Manchester
firm, desirous of taking advantage of the ex-
pected Free Trade millennium, to be inaugurated
by the Southern Confederacy.      He talked a
good deal, too, of Philadelphia, where he had
resided, mentioning Forney�s �Press� and Shel-
ton Mackenzie.      I thought I might get an item
or two from him about th feelings of the cotton
brokers and planters with regard to Secession,
and questioning him, found additional reason               
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