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Text for Page 135 [02-03-1861]

	     And his Doings.
for distrusting his assumed business.   To be
sure I did not suspect his real avocation � that
of cor Correspondent to the N.Y. Tribune � ex-
cept perhaps momentarily, and for this reason.
Many of the letters therein published, had really
contained blunders ^|and| mis-statements � even direct
lies, hence I then shared (and do share now) the
Charleston impression, that they were written in
New York.    This occurred before Ramsay�s ar-
rival.      Hence I merely suspected he might be
scribbling for some Philadelphia daily, as I had
seen �letters from Charleston� published in the exchan-
ges from the Quaker City.           We talked awhile,
were friendly enough and met at dinner.    But
that evening he left the hotel for a cheaper boar-
ding house and, thinking him but a shallow 
fellow, I forgot him.           This morning he re-
appeared as related, saying that a friend had
left the boarding-house for the further South and
that he could no longer tolerate the atrociously bad
diet.     It is now my impression that he knew
scarcely anybody in Charleston and that he re-
turned to the hotel in order to cultivate acquaintan-
ces, that he might pick up items.         I knew
almost everybody and was rather popular than
otherwise as �the artist of the Illustrated Lon-               
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