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Text for Page 136 [02-03-1861]

	  A Bachelor Party.
don News,� hence his wish to become inti-
mate with me.         Arrival of the letter from
Jack Edwards spoke of on Page 106.    Saw
W. Waud, introduced Ramsay (really Buck-
stone) to him.      In doors writing to the Eve-
ning Post till supper.       Down stairs, talking
with Marchant, Waud, Ramsay and others.
With Ramsay and Marchant to the theatre,
where W. Waud presently joined us.  There
till 10.     Marchant remembered Cahill, had
known him when he lived with his cousin Seymour,
remembered seeing him very drunk in a Houston
Street tavern.          Marchant knew O�Brien, too,
spoke of the Irishman�s licking by Captain
Farnham the Nicaraguan at the New York
Hotel.        At 10 I followed W. Waud to
the bachelors� lodgings where we found all of
them, with Spear the watchmaker and re-
mained till midnight, drinking old Bourbon,
smoking cigars and talking politics.  As it
chanced none present were Southerners, Spear
being a Jerseyman and Avery (one of Babbage�s
chums and a pleasant fellow) either that or
a New Yorker.     We stayed till midnight, I
talking principally with Jouane on French novels
and literature in addition to the one topic.               
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