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Text for Page 138 [02-04-1861]

	    Various Matters.
  4.  Monday.   A note from Boweryem
brought to me by Ramsay, from the British
Consul to whom it had been directed in accordance
with my little friend�s proclivities.     To the Ex-
press Office; Lindsay and Coste there.        Wood-
ward still sick, has to keep his room.              To
Spear�s store in King Street where we (I and
Ramsay) found Waud and others.   Murdoch
came in on a morning�s furlough, from Castle
Pinckney.     To hotel.     Wrote to Boweryem
and to Jack Edwards.              Out with W. Waud
to Express Office, sent off letter to Jack and
the Palmetto song and music spoken of on
page 121 to Matty.         Morris, Oteliaga and
others in.   W. Waud and the others off.    A
dull evening with spits of rain; sat dozing
by the fire, Lindsay at his desk.     To hotel.
After tea loafing in the hall with Ramsay,
anon together to Institute or Secession Hall,
to attend the Minstrels� performance.   A Seces-
sion song sung, the Poet, an unpleasant style
of young fellow in a military uniform present
among the audience, as was Lindsay and his
sister.       On coming out, near Market Street
we came up at the latter end of a fray, in
which two Irishmen had blazed away at               
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