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Text for Page 140 [02-04-1861]

	Another Slave-Sale.
can �newspapers in the enemy�s citadel,
each looking among the exchanges for our own
work.     After half-an-hour, Carlyle returned.
We went out with him, took drinks and
parted, he to his sanctum again, we to our
hotel.        I found Waud (who had also
been to the minstrels� entertainment ) in his
room, on ascending the four stories.
  5.  Tuesday.   With Ramsay to the �Mart�
to see �a negro-woman named Laura� sold, �on
account and risk of her former owner, she
having proved unsound.�    We arrived at five
minutes before the hour, so strolled on into
Broad street and East Bay, returning to
find the people pouring out, the sale over.  Laura,
an oldish negress, had been sold for $12.
We found her sitting on the steps between the
tables or bench, conversing with two white men,
and looking humble and troubled.      Together
to the Consulate (which Ramsay visited every
day) � an half-hour with Bunch.        Returned
to hotel by 1.10.    Writing a letter to Han-
nah in the afternoon and evening, then
with Ramsay for the usual drop-in at the
�Courier� Office, where we found Carlyle, Mit-
chell, Bird and others.            Adjourning presently               
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