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Text for Page 141 [02-05-1861]

	       Charleston Races.
for the inevitable drinks, we were joined next
door by Beecher, Bryan, Lavine and Heiss
� the latter recently returned from Augusta,
Georgia.   Talk, chaff and story-telling for half-
an-hour, then most of us journeyed up-town to
the hotel together, and of course to the bar, where
was W. Waud.         To bed by midnight.
  6.  Wednesday.   Hither and thither with Ram-
say, till Carlyle appeared in a carriage, into
which we stepped forthwith and bowled away to
the Races, a young Cadet from the citadel
completing our party.   The morning was lovely,
the air pure, cool and sweet.             Arrived at the
race-course, of course a circular one, a mile 
round with a handsome wooden stand for
ladies and subscribers, we abandoned our car-
riage to its negro-driver, strolled about among
the horses and equipages, and presently into
the upper room of a spacious two-story building
where I counted seven gambling-tables, mostly
faro.    Below was a bar-room.       Both rooms
had plenty of patrons.     Saw W. Waud, Mar-
chant and others, strolling about.    The day hot
in the sun, cool out of it.             We saw the race
from the top of our carriage, only Carlyle ob-
taining admission to the stand.      Returning to               
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