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Text for Page 142 [02-06-1861]

              Covert Tipsy and comical.
the hotel we dined at 4.     With Waud 
and Covert (who turned up in the hall and
had been betting unsuccessfully on the races) to
the minstrels� entertainment, thence to a part-
ridge and oyster supper in King Street, with
champagne and liquors, on which Covert got
rather inebriated and very funny.         Going up
King Street, he would remove the stepping-stones
(used for mounting on horseback) and comment-
ed humorously on the store-keepers, most
of whom he knew.     Of one a Northern man
who displayed South Carolina�s arboricultu-
ral emblem rather prominently, he said: �Would
plant his little Palmetto and think everybody
was going to by buy drugs of him!�     We
left him � not at his home � and returned to
our hotel by midnight.
  7.  Thursday.    A letter from Henderson in-
timating there was $80 awaiting me at Adams�
Express, which accordingly I went and got,
in a pile of bills of South Carolina money.
Wrote acknowledging the receipt, and answering
the letter.       It had stated that in my engage-
ment with �Mr Bolton� nothing had been said
about the payment of my hotel expenses �
that there must be �some mistake� in the under-               
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