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Text for Page 143 [02-07-1861]

   Difficulty with the �Post� people about Payment.
standing, but that �the firm� was so well satis-
fied with my �zeal and industry� that it des-
patched the inclosed $80 and would settle up
the balance due on my return, advising it im-
meditely, as business interests were growing dull in Char-
leston.       I wrote, then, asserting that the pay-
ment of expenses was understood distinctly;
that had I not stipulated for them, it would
argue that I knew my services would be, not
only unremunerated, but rendered at positive
cost to myself!      For confirmation, I appealed to
�Mr. Bolton;� stated that I could not return by
the next steamer, but would on the one follow-
ing.       Having dispatched this, I went to work
in a letter to the �Post� about the races (of which,
as in other cases, I possess no duplicate), com-
pleting it by 4.      Dined with Carlyle, Ramsay,
Marchant and a Mr. Irving, a Southern Caro-
linian of the old school, very English in manners
and conversation, who had lived in the old coun-
try and might have been taken for an English
country squire.    All of the party had been to the
races.       After an hour�s writing, to the theatre
with Ramsay, finding Marchant and a French-
man there.     There till 9 �, when I left for
Babbage�s, spending an hour with the fellows               
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