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Text for Page 146 [02-07-1861]

	An Oyster Supper.
the horror and scandal of South Carolina
femininity.    She was off next morning, before
public indignation could find vent in any popu-
lar manifestation.
  8.  Friday.   Writing till 1, despite solicitations
to go to the races with Ramsay and others,
Carlyle and Marchant having carriages below.
To the Post office by 1, calling at Pancknin�s
drug-store on my return.      In doors till 4,
then walked up King Street to see the folks
returning from the races.      After dinner, to
a boot-store in King street, where I made
a purchase, in company with Ramsay and a
batch of others among them Covert.   Left them
at the hotel and went to Babbage�s, supped 
and stayed till 9.      With Babbage, Avery,
Jouane and a Mr. Glass (from Columbia)
to Spears� place in King Street, over the rear
of his store, where we found W. Waud
and Murdoch playing billiards in a back-room,
approached by a bridge.    All talking,
smoking &c., presently roasting oysters on
the fire.     Spear had won a wager of a bushel
of them, on the races, and the loser had sent
him five times the quantity.       We got to sing-
ing subsequently, had the Marseillaise from               
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