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Text for Page 147 [02-08-1861]

            An indignant South Carolinian.
Jouane, did �Dixie,� and no end of national
tunes.    At the early part of the entertainment
I remember Murdoch expressing himself very
indignantly about the conduct of a certain South
Carolinian officer � I partly think an �aid� to
the Governor � who had gone to Fort Sumter with
the photographer before spoken of, having got
an order to that effect.           Murdoch declared it
the act of a spy and sneak, declared that the
man had disgraced South Carolina by it, that
he wished Major Anderson had detected and in-
continently had him shot or hanged.     Why did
he not go in his uniform? asked Murdoch, �in-
stead of as an assistant to Cook? then 
Anderson might have denied him admission, did
he think it advisable to do so.         Further, Mur-
doch hoped that somebody would report his
words to the man commented on.       At about
2 A. M. our party broke up and W. Waud
and I returned to our hotel.   He had arran-
ged to be off very early on Saturday morning
for Augusta, hence he would have but a few
hours sleep.   He talked of returning within
a week�s time or less, so I thought I might
see him again before my return to the North,
little thinking how long a time must elapse be-               
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