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Text for Page 149 [02-08-1861]

	      And his Brother Alf.
wife.   Indeed few men but lay down a square
of hell�s pavement before wrong-doing.   In man-
ner and general amenity � merits which always
attract people � Will is infinitely more agre^|e|able
than Alf; he has none of the intolerant disre-
gard of others� feelings characterizing his elder bro-
ther.   The                                          
one would                                 
have been
of deserting 
a woman;
the other
of accepting
the responsi-
bilities of an
passion, as
of that want
of tact and

[photograph of William Waud]
W. Waud.

			which induces 
			Alf to attempt
			to bully the
			world in regard 
			to the social 
			ostracism with    
			which it inevi-
			tably punishes
			his offence.  A-
			like in many
			things, yet
			differing in
			a good n
more, the brothers exhibit equally their father�s
self-will and probably other family qualities
with which I am less familiar.
  9.  Saturday.   To the boot-store in unsuccess-
ful search of a $10 bill, dropped from my
roll of them yesterday.x   A note brought to me
   x Perhaps appropriated by Ramsay.  I have thought so, subsequently.               
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