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Text for Page 150 [02-09-1861]

              Ramsay.     The Races again.
from the Consuls, by Ramsay, written by John
Bonner of �Harper�s,� asking me to send sketches.
Talking with Ramsay this morning, he told me
that he had written letters to Forney�s Philadel-
phia �Press,� for which his hotel expenses were
to be defrayed, exhibiting sundry envelopes, addres-
sed to a German woman, the landlady of Shel-
ton Mackenzie, and rather pluming himself on
his ingenuity.     I didn�t volunteer any con-
fidences in return, of course, but finding he
appeared ignorant of the quiet espiance in
practice everywhere in Charleston, I told him
a few items of my private knowledge � things
which hadn�t appeared in the papers.   That
flustered him a little, as I could see; he
averred he had discontinued writing to the �Press�
&c.      He suddenly determined, however, that he
would not join our proposed party to to-day�s
races, about which he had talked rather fluent-
ly before.    So I set off with Marchant and
two strangers in a hired carriage.    The road
was lively enough; among the equipages, 
one containing two women, one a handsome � har-
lot.         Arrived at the race-course, as the day
grew showery, I was admitted inside the ring
by the courtesy of Dr. Irving, who procured me               
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