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Text for Page 151 [02-09-1861]

	   A Charleston Beauty.
a ticket and badge, printed in blue ink on white
satin, to be displayed in the button-hole.  Car-
lyle was there, of course.     On the stand with
the company, ladies, girls and young fellows in
military costume.        Among the former was one
very pretty woman in a black velvet �pork-pie
hat� and red feather; with large, beautiful
eyes, dark hair in a net, a perfect row
of pearly teeth and scarlet, smiling lips.     She
sat conversing with a gentleman, in a lively
manner pleasant to see.      She was a Charleston
belle, one Mrs Hayward, as I learnt from
Colonel Lucas, one of the Governor�s aids, who
agreed with my estimate of her beauty, saying
that though she was the mother of several chil-
dren, he considered her the handsomest woman
in the city.             Bunch was on the stand, look-
ing and talking enormously British; the little
Bunches were there also.   Met acquaintances,
Beecher, Moses and others.           The races over,
quitted the course, found Marchant again,
saw Babbage, and returned in a crowded-stage
with the former to the city.   To my room for
half an hour, Ramsay in.      After I had dozed
he came in again in a hurried manner, summon-
sing me to dinner and telling me that he would               
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