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Text for Page 152 [02-09-1861]

	A three hours� Dinner.
return presently � he had to go up the street for
ten minutes � our friends mustn�t wait for him.
These were Carlyle, Irving, Covert and Mar-
chant, invited to dine with the latter.     There
was also another friend of Marchant�s, I think
an Englishman, whose name I forgot.   We made
a long dinner of it, sitting over our wine, and
remaining at table from 4 till 7, when the
folks were at tea around us.      I went with
Covert to his store when the party broke up
and then returned to the hotel.       Got a tele-
graph from Frank Leslie to W. Waud and
sent it on to Augusta.     To Babbage�s by
9 and with him to the Governor�s office, un-
successfully endeavoring to get a permit to visit
Sullivan�s Island, which with the others had,
this day, been placed under martial law.    We
saw Dunnovant who curtly denied us.   Back
to Babbage�s and presently to Spear�s, where
we remained till 11 �.     When I mounted up-
stairs to my room, I observed the key outside
in Ramsays, a thing not commonly done in a
big hotel.    So after tapping, I entered.      A
trunk there, clothes, a few books (lent to him
as I knew by Carlyle) � evidences of a hasty
departure.     I went to bed pretty certain               
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