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Text for Page 154 [02-10-1861]

             Ramsay retreats to Columbia.
Previously, at the bar of the hotel, I received
a letter from Ramsay, dated yesterday, and
evidently written in a hurried, flurried manner.
It commenced by requesting me not to men-
tion its contents to any one � stated that last
evening he had received notice that he had better
go North � added that Carlyle knew �nothing
about this � that he (Ramsay) had �sent to some
English friends in Philadelphia� to send him
some guarantees � that he had �sent to F to
get him to write saying that� he �declined
writing for the �Press� � that �the fellow had
promised to say nothing about it to anyone,
if� he �made his record all right, but after� 
my �telling� him, �this morning about a man
getting tarred and featheredx� he �had deter-
mined to go to Columbia until the replies came�
� that he hoped to be back on Wednesday
� furthermore asking me to �make excuses at
dinner-time,� to say he had a letter cal-
ling him to Columbia � hoping that Mixer
wouldn�t charge him while he was away �
saying that, should they want his room, would
I have his trunk lifted into mine � reitera-
	x See Page 65.               
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