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Text for Page 159 [02-10-1861]

	    Hither and Thither.
found entertaining a party of friends.    Abed by
11 or so.
  11. Monday.   To King Street, to Cook�s the
photographer where I saw the recently-taken
portrait of Anderson and his officers.     I should
have got some items but Cook had two lady sit-
ters and is not a communicative man.      To Quin-
by�s, obtaining the uniform portrait of Covert in-
serted on Page 91.          Drizzle and rain, in-
creasing apace as I went down town, looking
into Courtenay�s the news-vendors, then to the
Courier Office, when it descended drenchingly.  I
was ill, tired, and diarrhoeahish, and after
reading my own description of the Floating Bat-
tery, reprinted from the N.Y. Post (or Herald � for
that copied it) in an Augusta paper, I went fast
asleep for a good hour, on an old sofa,
until Carlyle came in.    Turned out with him
in the rain, returned to the hotel, where Lu-
cas gave me his photograph, dined by
3, then to my room, where I passed the
afternoon unpleasantly enough with rain out-
side and diarrhoeahish within.   In the evening I
went out again, for a short time at Bab-
  12.  Tuesday.   Didn�t rise till noon, being               
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