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Text for Page 162 [02-12-1861]

           Damoreau�s Home in Jersey.
las and Nast tilting at one another, Sally
looking on.)  �Nast says the �Illustrated Lon-
don News� proposes his going South to sketch;
so you may see him before many weeks; at
present he is sick.        The �N.Y. News� hasn�t
paid him within several hundred dollars.      He 
will draw for it; it has a new proprietor.  x
Jack is 21 tomorrow,  x  x  soiree and two fid-
dles in consequence  x  x  wish you were here
x  x  young folks in new white tarletane dresses
and look superb.  x  x  x  Went to see Da-
moreau at his house, two miles from the
heart of Newark  x  x  did hold discourse
with his wife, who proved a fearfully entertain-
ing woman, strenuous and tall.       Charley
had been engaged in rescuing the coal and the
wood, the family butter, &c., from the effects
of a flood in the cellar, into which Mrs. D.
had splashed before day-break.    Charley was
hospitable, artistic, literary, nicotian, but look-
ed painfully married.�       Rather so.
  13.  Wednesday.   Round to Kynaston�s em-
ployers� to buy Bourbon whiskey and cigars,
then to telegraph Office, saw Beecher and
sent off dispatch to New York, to the �Eve-
ning Post,� stating my intention of returning               
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