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Text for Page 163 [02-13-1861]

	    A Country Excursion.
on the morrow and inquiring if my stay longer
were desired.   I met Bunch near the Telegraph
office, and said good bye to him.   Met Carlyle;
with him first to the �Courier� Office, then to
the Charleston Hotel, where we found Super-
Phosphate Rhodes waiting for us.   After an hour�s
delay under the piazza, a carriage, borrowed by
Carlyle, arrived, in which we bowled off to visit
the house of a certain Colonel Bull, in pursuance
of an invitation given by him on the race-course.
The day a lovely one, worthy of the eve of Saint
Valentine, as sung by Ophelia.   Through the sunny
suburbs, past white wooden villas and over quiet roads
we went, the negro children staring at us, my
companions sounding the praises of the �Institu-
tion,� ad nauseum � of course the Marylander
out doing his more Southern acquaintance in senti-
ment.          Across a lengthy bridge over the Ashley
River (for which privilege we paid the heavy toll
of $1.75) thence into the country, by hedge rows,
field and forest; many of the trees having moss on them.
An hour�s ride brought us to our destination.
Colonel Bull�s house is a stone one, built in the
reign of Charles 2, of material brought from
England.      It has a square portico in front,
a semicircular sweep of stone steps in the rear,               
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