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Text for Page 165 [02-13-1861]

	A South Carolinian Paradise
semblance of the present owner of the place to that
on the stone medallion.        We found carnelias
and other flowers blowing in the garden, palmetto
trees in various stages of growth, huge live-oaks
covered with pendant moss hanging over the stream,
everything looking as idle and sunny as might be,
though the air was chill and moist with recent
rains.        The place had something of the air of a
Southern Paradise � but one inhabitable for
the white man for little more than half a year.
From May to December, a malaria as pestilen-
tial as any bred from Pontine marshes prevails,
when it�s death to sleep there, though the place
may be visited in the day-time.     At sunset,
put spurs to your horse for Azael is abroad.
A Mr Drayton, a neighbor of Colonel Bull�s,
bore us company.    Returned to the house and
more whiskey, ale and wine, we talked and
drank, our host uncorking a bottle of madeira
three years older than myself (which I
didn�t like, though, of course, I dodged the
avowal.)    There appeared a little fair-haired
girl called Becky, a daughter of Colonel Bull,
by a second wife (deceased) who became great
friend�s with Carlyle, but wouldn�t approach
me, having been told my nationality and re-               
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