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Text for Page 166 [02-13-1861]

	�We�ll burn New York!�
-ceived �Tory� impressions as to Britishers from
the negroes � at least so her father conjectured.
She had asked him, privately, whether Rhodes
and I were Yankees! which word comprises
all that is mean and atrocious in Southern
ears.      The party proposing another stroll, I
preferred a read and doze on the sofa.       On
the return of the company, another daughter of
our host appeared.       Miss Bull was about 18,
as I should judge, and presided at table, where
we all dined in a rather stately manner, being
waited upon by decorous and quiet negroes.
Our talk was South Carolinaish, English,
historical and local.   Miss Bull took no share
in it, scarcely speaking, except about some fe-
male acquaintances, in answer to Carlyle.
Of course the sentiment of the conversation was
ultra Southern and I might have been amazed
    at the confident belief in an assured
victory over the North arrogated by all present.
�We�ll burn New York!!!� repeated Bull,
in the course of the conversation.   Regrets were
uttered that we could not spare time to visit
St Andrew�s church, erected 1706, described
as very picturesquely-situated.     It was past
sunset when we departed, little Becky ma-               
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