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Text for Page 144 [07-25-1851]

              by appreciation of a pleasurable object.    Of the dilemma her rule of rejecting the
latter would reduce an unlucky dog to, when in society with a pretty woman, either
to talk, common place or run the risk of being �brained with a lady�s fan� for
�flattery.�     This sort of talk, she said, was decidedly more ingenious �flattery� and
gave me credit for it. There we got to men and women, (young) and converse
in general [words crossed out].     I think she likes the �common sense�
hobby, & prides herself on �it, so I didn�t spare that mongst other topics. Justified
[words crossed out] her expressed contempt for common place fellows, and told her that
men deserved the treatment of fools as we�re all, ready to go down on knees to a girl
on a second interview, and conveyed a downright intimation that sort of thing
was�nt at all in my line, & I didn�t intend to do�t even to her. (This paid off
the �flattery!�)     Looked, though I spoke not open compliment, and by Juno�s
eyelids that was not difficult, for she�s a [word crossed out] ^|handsome| creature.   I 
never saw a finer
nobler form, and when she rose in a deliberate queenly way, and sate ^|down| in the 
chair, her head back and gazing full at your eyes; the deep full flounces of
her dress filling up the wide chair, I should like to have told her how I admired
her.  She tells me she has worn the �Bloomer� for Turkish costume, though
not �out of doors.� By Jove I�d [word crossed out] like to see her in�t! [word crossed out]
[line crossed out].
  Presently in came Mrs Kidder, �Lotty� and the masculines, boarder whereat
Mrs K takes her meals.  Some battledore & shuttlecock [words crossed out] talk of
originality of which Mrs K professed herself a passionate admirer. The two boarders
didn�t say much, and one unfortunate wretch, (Pope was his name) being
asked as to his taciturnity replied, He was pondering on the practicability of saying
something original, and had thought of saying that �Miss Brown Looked
Very Beautiful!� but as she must be aware of it, it would lack novelty.
Poor devil! never was remark [words crossed out] worse received.  She looked
absolutely resentful at first and ere [unclear word] sentimis had been said by others came               
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