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Text for Page 168 [02-13-1861]

	   Story about Tarleton.
king friends with me by proferring a tiny hand to shake.
Drayton went with us.     Returning the talk
was to the last degree dreary, all anti-North
and pro-Slavery.       Carlyle vented the rational
assertion that any �Yankee� would prostitute
his wife for $5 or $10, according to the depth
of the bidder�s purse!    A good story was
told however by Drayton concerning his grand-
father and Colonel Tarleton, the celebrated roya-
list general, during the revolution.   Tarleton
occupied a country mansion adjacent to the other�s
grounds, when the British held this portion of
South Carolina, and permitted his horses to stray
thither, inflicting damage on crops of the sturdy colo-
nist, who sent him word that in the event of
it being persisted in, he, Drayton, would mu-
tilate them.      Tarleton disregarding this, the
Carolinian cut off the tail of a splendid char-
ger and then, knowing that the Tory colonel
would be furiously bent on revenge, rode hot
foot to Charleston, to a house now existing
in a most picturesque, tumble-down condition
on Broad Street, not far from its junction.
with Meeting.     In this house Drayton lived
and possessing no arms and momentarily ex-
pecting the arrival of Tarleton, he made the               
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