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Text for Page 169 [02-13-1861]

	Letters from the Girls.
poker red-hot and awaited him.     Presently
the sound of a horse�s hoofs, galloping furious-
ly was heard and the incensed Irishman
rushes upstairs.   Rebel produces his
poker, Tarleton draws his sword.         A parley
ensures in which matters are compromised and
both become good friends.                Parting with
my companions at 7, at the hotel, I found
a batch of letters from me, from 745 Broad-
way.    Principally about the �flare,� as Sally
terms it, in honor of John�s birth-day, which
is more or less described by all but Eliza;
who descants ^|on| another party that the girls atten-
ded.       The guests in honor of Jacks maturity
were as follows: Haney, Hayes, Nast, Wel-
les, Knudsen, Russell, Lane, Jack Crockett,
Nicholas, Nichols, George Edwards, Tousey,
Mr. and Mrs. Williston, Polhemus, Mort and
Josey Brown, Susy Edney, Emmeline Price,
Jo Crockett, Nettie, Miss Chapman and
� I quote Sally�s catalogue � �our seven selves.�
They kept it up jollily, Haney and Jack
� especially the latter � distinguishing themselves
in speech-making.        On the proposal of his
health by Haney, Jack acknowledges that he
�drank a tumbler of champagne as priming,               
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