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Text for Page 170 [02-13-1861]

	  And Jack Edwards.
and consequently made a very frothy and effer-
vescent speech.�    Sally says he stood on a 
chair, and talked about �barriers of reason
being swept away, and flood-gates of passion
being opened!�     They kept it up to 3 A.M.,
when the girls went to bed, the male visitors
remaining for another half hour, the Newark
party all night.       Nast�s indisposition, alluded
to in Haney�s last letter, is explained by Jack:
he received �a hard knock on the head, in a rail-
way collision between London and Liverpool,
just before leaving England, and feels the ef-
fects of it yet.�          Mrs. Fanny Fern Parton
didn�t accept an invitation and kept Jim from
coming, being �so violently indisposed that
it was necessary for him to be at her bed-side
continually to soothe her.�    Thus Jack; to
which Matty adds the comment: �Isn�t She a
sweet one?�     They had two musicians, who
says Mat, �played in a very disgusting man-
ner, much to our disappointment, when we
expected something grand.�    There�s talk
about moving, for the house is let, at all
events Mrs. Edwards will have to give up
the shop-front and floor.    Jack writes that
�Edgar Bolton generally lets us see your letters;               
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