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Text for Page 171 [02-13-1861]

              Sally bids me Good bye.
they are read aloud by father at tea-time,
and are watched with great interest and
pleasure.�    And Sally, after touching on the
possible abandonment of the pleasant base-
ment, of which we have so many recollections
concludes thus, in which coming events cast their
shadows before: �Life is full of changes, so
I must bid you Good bye, and I would say
God bless you, but it wouldn�t be proper, you
know, so I shall have to remain, Yours
Sincerely, Sallie.�           From Eliza�s letter I
learn that my last to her never reached it�s des-
tination.          Got a telegraphic dispatch from
New York, in answer to my morning�s one, thus:
�Better come home.�   Up stairs packing.  Bab-
bage up.        Out with him, said good-bye to
the bachelors, to Lindsay and his sister at
the Pavilion Hotel, then down-town.   Met Car-
lyle and Rhodes, retraced my steps with
them.   To hotel, supper, farewell drinks and
good-byes, after another journey to Adger�s 
wharf, at Carlyle�s suggestion; he wanting
to introduce me to the captain, but the hour
was late, the captain ashore and probably abed.
I shook hands with Carlyle with a great deal
of liking and goodwill; the more so as we               
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