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Text for Page 176 [02-16-1861]

	And 132 Bleecker Street.
rived, left traps in hall and su^|r|prised Bowery-
em in his room, to the extent of frightening him,
for I had written no word of my return.      Shaw,
�his clerk,� with him.      Down-stairs for a cup
of tea � Mrs. Boley and Lizzy Woodward.
Up-stairs, to my room, unfastening cupboards
which had been nailed up by Mrs. B�s order,
in consequence of one having been burst open, and
my shawl stolen.           To bed by 11, the rain de-
scending heavily outside.
  And thus ended my Expedition to
Charleston, South Carolina and my
Experience of the Rebelli-
on that commenced there.

  17. Sunday.  A fine day after a blustrous,
stormy night.   After dinner to Cobb, with
Boweryem.   An hour there, then through the
dull, wintry, peaceful afternoon, across the well-
known square, up the Fifth Avenue to 16th
street.     Haney�s room empty and cold; Mrs.
Potter coming out of the Hayes� room told me
he had been sick for a week past and living at
745.     The supper-bell brought out old Hayes
who started as though I were a ghost, then sei-               
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