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Text for Page 177 [02-17-1861]

	The Company at 745.
zed me by the arm and gave me a whispered
welcome back.      Set off down Broadway with
mixed feelings to the dear, familiar house.  Jack
answered my ring.    They were all sitting down
to tea; I got a great welcome and joined
them.  Haney, his face swollen and bandaged,
his throat affected with an abcess, which Blake-
man had recently lanced, could scarcely speak.
At 7, Nast came in.     He had a little more
moustache, was cool in manner towards me
� I thought in reminiscence of a certain evening.
He took off to church with Sally, Eliza and
Jack, leaving Matty, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards,
Haney, Knudsen and myself.     I went out twice to get
water-ice and ice-cream for Haney.  Knud-
sen left, the church-goers returned, Anne,
George Edwards and Tousey junior came in.
I talked with Haney, Matty, Anne and
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards � very little with
Sally who, on her return, sat conversing with
young Tousey.    Towards the close of the evening,
Eliza, Mat, Jack and Nast formed a
group in a corner, the two latter doing lingual
drolleries.     I made some advances towards
Tommy, which he received, with evident distrust
or dislike, even manifesting an inclination               
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