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Text for Page 178 [02-17-1861]

             At Various Newspaper Offices
to try his wit at my expense, when I retort-
ed, but with good-will to the little beggar, whom
I wished to conciliate, for Sally�s sake and
that along alone, otherwise he might have gone
hang!       Left at 11, leaving Haney better though,
with his swathed and swollen throat, he
looked like a man who had cut his throat and
repented of it.    And as I walked through the
square, I felt a curious combination of gratifi-
cation at being able to spend a Sunday evening
in the old way, and distrust that an ini-
mical influence was at work to change it all.
  18. Monday.  Down-town.  Met Welden in
Nassau Street and asked him to drink.   He com-
plained of Hard Times, said he was off the �Times�
temporarily.     To the �Evening Post� office.  Mave-
rick praised my letters and introduced me to
Park Godwin, editor in Bigelow�s place.    To
Frank Leslie�s, saw him; to the �World� Office,
saw Stedman, who bragged of his desire to whip
South Carolinians and wasn�t pleased at my
suggesting that did he choose to [word crossed out] seek the
chance he�d find plenty who�d oblige him to
his heart�s content.     The adultery business has
been temporarily quashed, or at least pushed
into privacy, by Weston�s letter; for the girl               
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