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Text for Page 181 [02-18-1861]

	Morris�s Old Woman.
Boweryem dispatched a letter to me dated
Feb. 19, which was duly returned by the Con-
sul.      Here are items from it: �The accou^|n|t Bil-
lington gives of Morris� employer is very ludri-
cous.  x  x  An ignorant, ugly, crazed and eccen-
tric old woman, who has lived on the expecta-
tions of her book for two years, contract-
ing debts to the amount of $1,000 on the strength
of its immense future success.      Morris is the
second amanuensis who has tinkered the M.S.
the first was a woman.  x  x  She goes from
one boarding-house to another, even getting
board for her assistants by means of the future
magnum opus.  x  x  The friends in New
Hampshire do not press their little bill.  x  x
All the summer, fall and winter has Morris
been incubating on this golden egg.� Of boarding
house gossip as follows: The Kinnes are repla-
ced by �a Mr. Merritt and his wife, rough, hearty
honestx western folks, unrefined but jolly.�  The
purple-faced beast Levan is paying attentions to
the Irishry � Mrs. Ham � having ascertained that
she has saved a few hundred dollars, � if they married I
  x Man kept a favo-bank and decamped with
baggage at length owing Mrs Boley some money.               
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