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Text for Page 183 [02-19-1861]

     Sally �off� with Nicholas & �on� with Nast.
a good-humored, rough characteristically west-
ern face.        To Union Place Hotel, Bigelow
out of town, left note for him.       To 745.  Found
Mr. Edwards and Hayes on the basement, taking
their gin-and-water like hearty old Britons.     I
had a bundle of cigars for the former and joined
the two.    Haney down-town.
Mr. Hayes left.         The girls came, and present-
ly Nicholas dropped in, whom I was glad to
shake hands with.      He left, to return in an
hour, during which interval we had tea, W. Pil-
low being of the party.      Welles came, anon Pol-
hemus.    The last two getting to whist with Mat
and Eliza, I talked with Sally.                 She said
that Nicholas had relinquished his suit; that
Tommy had complained of her reserve and cool-
ness, on his return, that she had spoken of the
Rochester story, of which he had cleared him-
self.      Anon, declaring that we mustn�t talk to
each other all the evening, she went to Welles.  A
pleasant gossippy evening, merging into dancing.
I had a cigar by the fire, looking on.       Sally�s
confidence about Nicholas was corroborated by
his behavior; he danced principally with Matty,
who was very rosy and animated.       Sally was
saucy, full of spirits, and audaciously blew               
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