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Text for Page 184 [02-19-1861]

	I am paid by the �Post.�
me a kiss as she drew near my chair in the
dance.      Party broke up at 11, as usual.
  20.  Wednesday.   Found Bigelow at the
office.   He, after some discussion, re-
membered a remark of my recalling which
convinced him as to the justice of my claims,
and accompanying me down-stairs, told Hen-
derson as much.         I had another fight about
the payment for yesterday�s letter which Hender-
son wanted to include in my Charleston salary;
finally I carried it and got paid $103.60,
in all representing my last eight weeks labor.
Up-town.      F. Wood called, to invite me to meet
Colt at his house.       Shepherd called.     Evening
at 16th street, with Haney in the Hayes� room.
There till midnight.
  21.  Thursday.   Got a note from Babbage
and from W. Waud, the latter dated Montgomery
Alabama, at which he arrived on the 12th,
quitting Augusta at 2 P.M. on the preceding
day.       Augusta is �a very pretty city � streets
immensely wide, planted with trees, ^|�| on one side
of it several cloth and grist-mills, foundries
&c, with canals and railway to match �
so that it partly combines Columbia and Savan-
nah with a bit of Lowell, Mass., thrown in.               
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