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Text for Page 185 [02-21-1861]

             I retort Alf Waud�s Incivility.
Montgomery, like many other Southern cities,
has wide streets, not tall but higgledy-piggledy
houses, interspersed with fine ones, a river � of
course � and indications of jerky enterprize,
after the New York model.   The people are jubi-
lant about its being the Southern capital.� Will
went thither to witness Jeff Davis� Inauguration.
He bids me direct Captain Waud, saying they
have dubbed him thus � possibly in consequence
of his sporting a French military cap, with a
gilt Palmetto tree upon it, which excited some
laughter in the sanctum of the Charleston �Mercury.�
  Out, to tailors, paid what I owed him, then
down-town.   To the �Illustrated N.Y. News�
office; in the �artists compartment� found Alf
Waud and Sol Eytinge.           The former�s ini-
tial salutation was, �Oh!  You were not tarred
and feathered then?� almost immediately
followed by a tirade of abuse against South
Carolinians.    I answered tersely enough (having
only come about business) and not affecting any
desire attempt at or desire for conciliation, which
had a wholesome effect.    Furthermore I ex-
pressed my belief that the lynching story had
its origin in ill-will and my wish to discover
its inventor.   Sol kept scowling at his work               
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