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Text for Page 186 [02-21-1861]

	         His Grievance.
and twisting his mustache, but didn�t speak, while I retorted Waud�s
verbal brutality with interest, until he modera-
ted his tone and presently, waxing civil, took
me to Leggatt the proprietor, who paid me $3
for the photographs.      Subsequently I spoke
to Alf about his supposed grievance, the nature
of which I had ascertained before my de-
parture for South Carolina, from Haney, and
then from W. Waud.       Some of the women, Mrs.
Jewell or Wall, have cackled to Alf�s �wife,�
that I spoke of their children as �little illegiti-
mates,� of which I have no recollection whatever.
Alf confessed this to be the injury and said �he
didn�t care, but Mary &c., &c.,� � finally sup-
posing the women had magnified some nothing, af-
ter their want.        In the editorial den, with
Phillips and Reed, the latter a new editor, in
place of one Stewart, a �Daily News� beast, who
has had to fly New York for getting a young
girl, almost a child herself, enceinte, while
she lay with his own daughter.       Out for
a drink with Reed.    Up-town.     Evening,
at 9, to 745.       Haney there, the girls and
their father.    Talking with Mat.   Jim Parton
came, talk with him about Charleston and
secession.    Left at the usual hour.               
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