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Text for Page 187 [02-22-1861]

  22.  Friday.   Saw Godwin at the �Evening
Post� office.  Up Nassau Street with Hills, he
talking of his �Star of the West� experience.
He expected to be made prisoner.         Parted
in Broadway, I staying to witness the parade
in honor of Washington�s birth-day.   Looked in
at W. Leslie�s.          Evening at Frank
Wood�s, 40th street.               Colt, Mullen and
Shanley there.    Whiskey, smoke, some sparring
and talk, but altogether a slow evening.    In-
troduced to Nicholson, who succeeded to my place
on the �World.�   Left at 11.
  23.  Saturday.   To Harper�s.   Talk with Bon-
ner and Fletcher Harper.   Carroll came in.   At
the engraver�s department, saw Damoreau.  To
�Courier� office, saw Smith and Briggs � the
latter wanted to paragraph me in his �Tribune�
Art-Items and the former suspected my author-
ship of the �Post� letters, which supposition Briggs rather
pooh-poohed � so much for your �smart literary
man� versus common-sense.       I denied it.
A great crowd about the newspaper-bulletins,
in consequence of an announcement of the dis-
covery of a plot to assassinate Lincoln, on his
way to the capitol, and of his flight thither
from Harrisburg, Va., in advance of expecta-               
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