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Text for Page 188 [02-23-1861]

            Sally tells me about Nicholas.
tion.    At Crook and Duff�s found Damoreau,
and Hayes the engraver (and married man)
anon Hamilton the architect.    Up-town by
2.        In the evening had the Woodward girls,
Boweryem, Richardson and latterly Phillips
in my room.      Smoke, toddy, singing and
scandal about the boarders.     Abed by midnight.
  24.  Sunday.   In-doors all the windy,
sunny day.   After tea to 745 and to church,
walking with Sally; Jack and Eliza prece-
ding us.      Confidences on her part about Nich-
olas.    He told her that he intended proposing
on Christmas Day, and again on New Year�s,
but obtained no opportunity.  He has called
her �a heartless flirt,� a �beautiful fiend�
&c !! � which she retailed laughing.  She
says he is very vain of his good looks and
equally sensitive to ridicule.   He laments
his presumed intellectual inferiority, supposes
that Sally must find his conversation dull
after Haney�s, Parton�s and mine.     This
she objects to, thinking, rightly enough,
that a man ought to accept his own individ-
uality.  (It works ill for Nicholas in another
way, raising the girl�s self-esteem at the expense
of his his own.)       He talks of his happiness               
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