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Text for Page 189 [02-24-1861]

          Sally Cooling towards Nicholas
with his first wife � how she (who has been
dead twelve months) adored him.   Her kins-
folk object to his liking for Sally.      They
are; she says, �hard-looking, silent people �
he spends occasional evenings with them, when
not a word passes.        He doesn�t care much
about his child, thinks Sally; he went to see
it but momentarily, when it was sick.   On
her telling him that he was �the most incon-
sistent man she knew,� it hurt his self-
esteem hugely.    He has talked of going west
to forget her.         �Another case of Bonestal,�
I said, which brought out an acknowledgement
that that victim still remembered her, in
letters written to his friends.    Nicholas knows
Nast as his rival.            Questioning her about
prepossessions, engagements &c., and getting
a characteristically feminine answer in, �No-
body who comes to the house,� he jumped
at the possibility implied in it and learnt
the truth from Eliza, who is rapidly assu-
ming the position of Sally�s bottle-holder.
The rivals have as yet met but once, Sal-
ly with more generalship than candor, keeping
them to alternate evenings and to some ex-
tent to the same arrangement on afternoon               
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