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Text for Page 190 [02-24-1861]

	And Warming towards Nast.
Broadway promenades.     Of course Nast thinks
Nicholas a conceited puppy and Nicholas dislikes
Nast.       Sally is evidently increasing in dissatis-
faction with her good looking admirer.     He has
been comparatively affluent and, she says, is
indolent � his good-looks, manner and past
fortune combining to spoil him.   Evidently
Nicholas won�t win.           Of Nast, Sally con-
fided but little, which was equivalent to con-
fiding a great deal, admitting however that
he was jealous and self-willed.     She laugh-
ingly admitted that my interpretation of his
rejection of my advances was correct.   All
of these confidences were vouchsafed on
our way to and in church, for we whispered
together throughout the first hymn, but were
decorous subsequently.     It was a fine moon-
light night, with a sharp wind blowing on our
return.       Only Haney, beside the family, at
the house, he recovering health.     Mort. Thom-
son visited him once at 745, Parton fre-
quently.    Mort looks overworked; he lectured
in the winter-time, scribbles now, weekly, for
the �Mercury� and is to be married to Grace
Eldredge in May.      (I saw the announcement
of this, at Charleston, in the �Courier.�   We               
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