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Text for Page 191 [02-24-1861]

         Fanny Fern�s Luck and Humbug.
talked about Fanny, of Stewart, the dry-
goods man, sending her a $100 shawl in fulfil-
ment of a rash promise made to a friend, on
reading a �Ledger� article of Fan�s � said
friend immediately putting it into print.  Also
of her making a �touching� charity article
about an accordion-boy entering a city-car,
after she had pronounced him �a little Nui-
sance� and snubbed Jim for giving him a
penny!      Jim found his own remarks put
into her mouth in the �Ledger,� the unchari-
table part being transferred to a stranger!
  Mat, rosy and pretty, sat beside Haney
(?)  Left at the usual hour.
  25.  Monday.   In doors till 5, among
other matters writing to Babbage and consul
Bunch.       Met Billington in Broadway,
anon Colt, with an acquaintance of his.  Learn-
ing that Lindsay is in New York, went to
the little arms-store.   He had just left.    Re-
turning up-town, overtook and walked with
Phillips, interchanging a nod with Nicholas,
as he passed.      After dinner or supper (for
our 6 � meal may be either) got a letter
from my mother, inclosing one from Rosa.
Apprehensions in consequence of my silence               
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