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Text for Page 193 [02-26-1861]

	Little Mrs. Dobson.
met Banks and anon Woodward, once
of the �Picayune� and �Lantern.�   He took me
into a store, where he was acting as agent
for the sale of �baby-tenders� � in which the
infant swings in a cradle.         Down-town by
4, saw Lindsay; with him, at his request
to Frank Leslie�s.     Saw J. A. Wood, who
had a recent copy of the �Charleston Courier,�
containing paragraphs separately eulogistic
of me and of W. Waud.         In the first
Carlyle spoke of my returning with a portfolio 
of sketches (!) and of the general regret of
my Charleston friends at my departure.     Up-
town to 16th street, dining with Haney.    Left
at 8, dropped in at Dixon�s, then at 745.
Mat, Sally and Jack in; talked with the
former, who is very friendly, just now, and
was in the best of humors to-night.
  27.  Wednesday.   Down-town.   Took Lind-
say to Leslie�s, he bargaining about an da
advertisement-portrait.    To Haneys.   Return
up-town, meeting little Mrs. Dobson at
the corner of Bleecker and Broadway.   She
lamented the raising of her rent by her
landlord, and said that �Willy� was a fine
boy of 15, and that her gentlemen-boarders               
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