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Text for Page 034 [09-27-1849]

              Renwick�s, the architect he met with when in New York. There
some time then parted and I to Jersey.	Drawing card for Brinsley in
the afternoon. x{In the evening to the Schnieders.   Found him
in company with another of the children of Israel � a shoe-maker
who has taken the store formerly occupied by Joe and George.
Crossed to New York and a walk about the Park and Broadway,
the going into a book auction purchased Shelley for $1.25.}
  28. Friday.  Drawing all day. Evening x (put down erroneously)
  29. Saturday. To New York. Hunting about to find the new
place of Baker, the Engraver, Heylyn with me �.  To Wells and Webb�s
for wood-blocks, for Sartain.	Letter from M in the after-
noon. Had one from my mother and Samuel in the early part of the
week.	   Drawing.	Evening reading bits from Rabelais for the
benefit of Ben Haun, uproarous combination thereat.
  30. Sunday.  Writing to my dear Mother and to Samuel.
Heyln over in the afternoon. (I don�t like the fellow � sensual
silly and obstinate. his best quality is good-humour.)   In the
evening a walk about New York with �B�hoy� Ben and Jabez
Wing. Joe over the greater part of the day doing his adieus, as
to-morrow to Middletown, Connecticut.               
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