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Text for Page 147 [07-26-1851]

              Johnson the English Schnieder there, so we all got singing and imbibing till near
11, when I left, and through the solemn still moonlight treed streets, to my
present home, passing Policeman Dunciere, sitting solitary on a stone step by the way.
  /   What a contrast this, to yesterday night�s society.  How I like this shifting
mobility of temperament, which I have, for contrast.   Yet perchance in yestereven�s
company was there more seeming than in the present.  Marvellous little refinement,
my downright vulgarity was there in this, but good temper & good feeling; but not so
much desire of [unclear word] as higher up in the social scale.   Yet who in God�s name 
be low if he could help it?
  27. Sunday. Scribbling and doing odd chores during the morning.   After dinner,
to New York, called at Duane Street and there chanced upon the �Rechabite� boarder
who dwelt there when I did. (He spake of his departure on a gold & jewel
finding journey to South America ere the week was out.)   To Fourth Street, Paton
not being within to Mulberry Street, there had tea, and anon out with Joe.
Called at Butler�s, �Joe B� �Bob� and others there. Stayed till 10, then
Joe & Butler walked to the Ferry with me.
  28. Monday. To the boarding house, Barclay Street where la belle Margaret
will reside.   Rooms quite unsuitable.     Holmes all day, at 6 leaving him
to divers boarding houses in Leonard.     This morn a furious row at the
breakfast table, ending in the Dunsiere�s clearing out.  Grub department fearfully
bad; � shall clear out; boarder Fagan doth the like. They lie and slander
behind back, even as they blarney �fore face.  Dismal work, ferry crossing four
times per diem, and once, for such a dinner.
  29. Tuesday.  At Holmes.   Settled to go to Leonard Street, have ad-
jacent the one whereat Mrs K taketh provant.       Very weary, worried, mata-
grabolized and dismal at the confinement of office work; the day lost, brain
aching, sunlight making me long for country and leisure.   Out now, having
had no news from home, feel alone in the world.  /   I have been reading               
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