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Text for Page 149 [08-01-1851]

  1. Friday.  Met Mr Hart & Dillon in Nassau St, on going to Holmes�
in the afternoon. Evening to Duane Street, and subsequently with both to
the tavern in Reade Street.   They just returned from Middletown, Jersey.
  2.  Saturday. At Holmes�s still.  Called in on Anderson.   Evening to
the little Dock, Brooklyn, Mr H & Dillon bearing me company.  Despatched
indignant supplication the third for clean shirts to the Island, then returned,
loitering an hour or so on the �heights�, gazing at New York by moonlight &
speculating how soon the air will be rendered navigable.     Not over well & wor-
ried at no letters from home.
  3  Sunday.   Called at Mulberry Street & with Joe to Duane, where
being joined by Mr Hart to Chapin�s Church, which finding closed we went to
the Battery. On Rabineau�s bath, luxuriating.   A french War steamer lay
off there, yclept the Mogader and picturesquely attired sailors came and went
to and from there. /        Barth came over to Leonard Street in the afternoon,
and at 5 or so we sallied out, (he having brought linen)     To the Battery, &
Rabineau�s, then Barclay Street where we supped, then Duane, (Mr Hart
out,)  then to the Battery again where we sate talking till within an hour
of midnight, when we parted, he to his Island home, I back to my place.
  4. Monday. Learning from a note from Alf Waud that a letter he
had sent last week was still at Brooklyn, after Office work was done,
went over there and & the Post Office got it.    It had arrived at Wash-
ington Street on the day of my departure & the old cat (who had obligingly
promised to hand all letters to Holmes�) had rejected it .  Called on
Fagan and with him to the Dunsiere�s (with whom he boards now.) Supped
there hearing edyfying things of the slanderous talk at Washington Street. So 
I suggested �humors of revenge�, which being entered heartily into, I wrote
an advertisment that �Mrs Pattyson, corner of Tullery & Washington was               
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