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Text for Page 007 [03-01-1861]

	 An Evening at 745.
	    March, 1861.
  1.  Friday.   In-doors, writing and doing chores
till near 4, then down Broadway.   Called
at the arms-dep�t; found Lindsay had gone to
Newhaven, to return soon.    Going up-town, met
Oliver Hillard.        At the house found Veightal,
the good-humored Swiss, who boarded here during
the early part of Mrs. Boley�s dynasty; he starts
for Europe tomorrow.   By 8, went to 745,
Sally letting me in, told me a Mr. and Mrs. Shep-
herd were present, Haney, Mort Brown, Mr.
and Mrs. Edwards also.    Soon Matty and Eliza
appeared, anon Welles called.     Mort Brown
proposes going to Sweden soon, for a year or more,
the pretext being education.          Sat talking with
Matty and Eliza on the sofa at first; presently
the latter had to play on the piano and the form-
er fell to cards with Brown, I joining the group
at the table, beside Sally.    The Shepherds
soon left, Mrs. E. went upstairs to her work-
room, Haney temporarily following.   Anon Jack
came in.       We all chatted merrily enough,
being reinforced by Anne, about 10 �.     Asking
Sally about Nicholas� last visit, she said he
wasn�t going to come any more.  I spoke of his
abandoning his avowed principle of pertinacity,               
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