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Text for Page 009 [03-03-1861]

	  Nicholas Seceding.
till near 8.     Hillard pronounces the picture-dealing
Nichols a rogue and a humbug, with reason.
By car to Houston Street, thence to Chapin�s;
the sermon being commenced, the corner-pew was
full, hence only on the conclusion of the services
did I join Sally, Eliza and Jack.   Walking
homewards with the former, she volunteered doing
a little of the confessional about Nicholas.   He
had presented her Reade�s �Christie Johnstone,�
with her name written in the book and passa-
ges underscored.    Eliza commented on the absence
of the �Miss� before the name and on the under-
scoring, when Nicholas impetuously tore out the
leaf containing the first and scratched out the 
last � which Sally duly re-marked.   Since then
he hasn�t been to the house, and though he can-
not deny himself the pleasure of promenading
Broadway of afternoons for the purpose of meet-
ing Sally, he doesn�t attempt to join her, as
heretofore, but passes, looking a little melan-
choly.   �It�s all vanity!� said Sally, impatient-
ly, of his passion.   I asked her whether he was-
n�t making some progress before Tommy return-
ed, but she asserted that Nicholas had resign-
ed at New Years�, saying that he had been
to the house too often for his happiness and               
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