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Text for Page 010 [03-03-1861]

  Approaching Marriage of Mort Thomson.
should henceforth decrease his visits.   She
told him she�d give him a year to find ano-
ther wife.               It was Mrs. Thomson
who supposed Sally and I were �engaged,�
as Sally infers from her seeing us at the thea-
tre together, when Henry 8 was played, when
we sat beside each other and talked.  �A com-
pliment to me, Sally,� I said.                 In the
basement (which the family will not quit
on the 1st of May, as we half-suspected) we
found Mr. and Mrs E., Matty, Haney
and Mr. Pounds; soon Eliza and Jack re-
turned and presently Ann.     General talk.
At 11 walked to 16th street with Haney.
He had spent the day at Jim�s; among other
matters we talked of the approaching mar-
riage of Mort Thomson and Grace.     Mort
has taken a house up-town; Welles and Clif
will live with him, presumably Ottarson also.
Mort�s father is one of the household now; he
is a invalid.x   Mort get $20� a week from
the �Tribune,� about the same from the �Mercury�
for two articles of his writing; these, with his
winter lecture earnings constitute an income
which will be heavily borne upon for the sup-
port of two households.      Grace will have $10,
	x Drunkard.	� $15.               
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