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Text for Page 011 [03-03-1861]

   Godwin�s Kindness & Stedman�s meanness.
000 from her grandmother�s will, when she is
twenty-one.     This grandmother is the much-
vilified old Mrs. Hall of Fanny�s detestable
book.     Mort is heavily-worked, as selfish in-
herently as ever, perhaps not so dominant in his
way of showing it.
  4.  Monday.   Down-town to the �Evening Post�
office, saw Godwin, who wrote me an order for 
$8, payment for my last article, though but a
third of it was used and this in spite of my
demurring at accepting it. �You can make it 
up to us in another,� he said.        This is the
first instance of liberality I have experienced
in New York journalism; sharp practice of the
meanest order is the rule.      To the �Century�
office, a talk with Stockton, then to the
�World,� talking with Conant, Stedman and
a third person.       Stedman attempting his want-
ed masterful habit of putting one into the wit-
ness-box and cross-examining a la Jaggers,
I on the Secession business, I pitched-in, when
he became quite affectionate, wrote down his ad-
dress and invited me to visit him!               Cobb
came in, the only person I cared about seeing.
Up-town by omnibus.   In the evening wrote a
long letter to Bob Gun.	     Lincoln�s inau-               
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