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Text for Page 151 [08-07-1851]

              tisement. That he, on Tuesday even, had percieved the notice, and somewhat startled
at the anticipated advent of $1.50 boarders, had sent it below to inquire further.
�Tish� had kept it from her mama till the morrow, and then at the breakfast table
great was the shindy.   A descant being made by the feminines, on Fagan in the course
of the day, Holmes relates that he split as to the authorship. Natheless great is
the ire manifested towards him, both White & Keating(!)  threatening to lycke him.
(No talk of licking me.   And finally, a letter is to be inserted in the Brooklyn
advertiser, (in which also our advertisement appeared, I setting forth how evil-conducted 
ders have conspired against Mrs �Pattyson�!  [words crossed out].   /   Met Mr Hart at
Saint Polge�s (vide Sairey Gamp,)  sketched a little, parted at Duane, and each 
to our
seperate domiciles.   Wrote till midnight.
  8 Friday. At Duane Street awhile, then out making a sketch of another 
Broadway block. Back, and out again with Dillon; left him sketching and
went to Anderson�s.  Saw the old man who intimated his intention of chiselling
me out of $5 of the owing 15, which he promised to �send up.�   Back to Dillon
and Duane.     Returned there after dinner, making drawing from sketch.   Evening
sallying out, called at Franklin Street.     The door opened by a fat old woman
who in reply to my inquiry as to whether Mrs Kidder was at home replied earthy
�No!�  Whereupon I rejoined �Oh!� as a parody and incontinently sloped.   Writing
awhile and reading.   Lamartine & Carlyle on the Revolution of France.
  9. Saturday. At Duane Street, drawing.  Afternoon having five blocks
now fairly drawn out, with Mr Hart & Dillon to Millers the lithographers.
He not within, talk with his partner, then left.   Called at Holmes�, then
to the Battery and Rabineau�s Sherry cobler, then at 6 back, I calling
again at Holmes�, then to Leonard.       Called at Franklin Street at 8 1/2
Miss Jane Gibson opening the door invited me in the parlor, where I found
Mason and the juvenile Kidder.   Mrs K at Connecticut.   Told Mason
I didn�t want to interrupt his tete a tete, whereon he said �Not at all &               
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